QUARTET, an audio installation giving plants the tools to play digital synthesizers.

Guests will be encouraged to accompany four large tropical plants fitted with specialized electronic sensors. The physiology of these living specimens will be converted into data by a computer. That data will then be translated into commands used to generate quadraphonic audio compositions in real time.

Limited to 25. RSVP to Leslie Gale at lgale@bartramsgarden.org
Participants will leave with an understanding of how to graph real-time data streams from the metabolic processes of plants for use in creating generative electronic music. Individuals with basic experience in electronics, visual programming languages like Pure Data and Max MSP as well as digital audio workstations like Ableton Live will get the most from this workshop though all are welcome. Efforts will be made to pair up participants who have complementary skill sets.

The Facebook event is here.

  • Sam demonstrating

  • beautiful plant